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Names Griffen west coast native..currently residing in North Carolina U.S.A.
..been djing since 1998.. Started on some underground patios..n dark rooms..to bigger rooms in the culture..to club sets..some hip hop. House parties..n the frathouse parties in college towns..were live...for everyone..
Music is a form of expression..to soothe n energize the soul.. To release the tension..n vybe away tothe beat..or loose your mind n footing getting down to some serious bpm jugglin n drops. I like it all.
I play drum n bass..jungle..durtie ..filthy bass n trap tracks..edm..ol skool n dope hiphop...80s/90s...n anything that floats across my musical palate at the time. I tend to be spontaneous..yet..with a purpose.. The art to my passion..or my insanity..I enjoy the chances.. If it works n ya pull it off.. Itz got more flavour n heat to turn up to.
I started on decks (vinyl).. So early turntablists are a part of my influence...yet not enough to deter me from todays clean n forward thinking production n droppin' bangers.
Live free n well..love n light to all..share n embrace the vibes. ..a friend once said..yo..don't bite their styles..just sample the flavors. ..then I make it my own blessups n..respects all 1💖 👊😎🤘


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